This shop is for home products. Looking for Kartent at your festival?

Kartent (Home)

The KarTent for at home, as a sample or for at the camping. You can order it here including shipping!!

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KarTent Junior

The KarTent Junior is the smaller version of the KarTent for home! You can draw, color and paint on it. Easy to build and easy to pack again!

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Mini Kartent

An original gift? Something cool for on your desk? Then maybe this miniature model of the KarTent is something for you!

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Cigarette Tube

Collect your cigarette buts at parties or on your balcony in a fun tube made of waste cardboard!


Bee Light

A beautiful table light made entirely out of used KarTents!
A perfect example of proper circularity!



Our own limited edition KarSocks! Who doens’t want cardboard on their feet?
Perfect as a gift!



Suprise your cat with a sustainable festival experience in the new CatTent!

Designed together with Studio Snorhaar.


Makedo Toolkit

Want to get creative with cardboard? This makedo kit allows you make the most amazing creations with your old cardboard sheets!
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KarTent seat

Easy to take with you and nice to sit on, a cardboard seat made from an old KarTent!

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Makedo Scru-Add on

Out of screws in your Makedo Kit? Is your imagination bigger then your makedo-kit? Don’t worry, we have what you need!
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An example of the circular lifecycle of a KarTent – with some minor additions they make perfect pallet boxes!



The one and only Dropbucket! A perfect solution if you need a temporary trashcan!

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Laptop holder

After hours of searching, we saw the light! We have so much cardboard in our warehouse, let us just make a Laptop holder out of old.
So this laptop holder is affordable, sustainable and yes so much affordable. It’s made from the KarTent you’ve slept in, really I’m not messing with you!

“The KarTent sticker is optional.”


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