Laptop holder


Our backs were hearting at the KarTent office! Yesalso a bit because we were pre-pitching your KarTent, but also because of the long hours behind our desks.
So one daywe‘ve decided to do something about it. We searched and searched to find the perfect and sustainable laptop holder. Every time when our heart skipped a beat, did our wallet it too…

After hours of searching, we saw the light! We have so much cardboard in our warehouse, let us just make a Laptop holder out of old.
So this laptop holder is affordable, sustainable and yes so much affordable. It’s made from the KarTent you’ve slept in, really I’m not messing with you!

“The KarTent sticker is optional.”


Kartent B.V.
Smitstraat 32
1092 XT Amsterdam

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