A new, green and innovative way of taking care of your festival waste. The KarBin is the next big thing in festival waste management.



A new way of circular thinking

At KarTent we care about the lifecycle of materials. The KarBin is the accumulation of this way of thinking, where everything comes together

The KarBin in itself is entirely made from formerly used KarTents. Every KarTent will turn into 6 KarBins. After the KarTent has lived its first life as a festival tent, it is transported back to our warehouse. There it is cut by our CNC machine to become a KarBin and get ready for it’s second life. 

In this way, less energy is used to give the KarTent a new life than by simply recycling it. But it doesn’t stop there; after its second life as a KarBin, the material is still perfectly ready to be recycled!

The KarBins are perfectly suitable for events. They can be labeled for a variety of waste streams and is easy to place within the event area.

   Foldable bins for lower transport costs
  Original appearance for your waste solution
  Completely circular

The concept behind KarBin

The KarBin can be transported flatpacked, to save transport emissions and storage space. They can be easily popped open and are light to move around. No reason to break your neck while placing KarBins! After use the KarBin can be easily re-used, or be recycled entirely! 

The KarBin is a unique new way to look at waste management. It combines the circular qualities of the KarTent with a bit of logical thinking. 

KarBin was developed in collaboration with our waste Partner Suez. The KarBin can be offered as part of their services.

Regular Bins

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Units per pallet

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