Instructions – KarBin

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Step 1


When the pallet arrives, please check if everything is complete and OK. After signing, we cannot change the order anymore!


Step 2


Use a simple pallet jack to move the pallet(s)


Step 3


A single KarBin consists out of 2 pegs, the bin and a lid


Step 4


Unfold the bin, to put it upright


Step 5


Put a garbage bag of 240L in the bin


Step 6


Put the lid on the bin


Step 7

Use the handle to move the KarBin to the desired place


Step 8

Attach the KarBin to the ground by putting a peg through the bin and in the ground


Step 9

The same goes for the other side.

Step 10

The bin has two holes on the side. With a length of rope, it is possible to attach the bins to each other or to another object.


Step 11

After use, you can pile the KarBins up in a pallet box. It would be great if you use them again or find another way to make use of them!


Step 12

Otherwise, please recycle the KarBins!


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