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leaves their tent behind

tents left behind every year

kilograms of plastic

The KarTent


100% Upcyclable!

The KarTent is easy to recycle. Furthermore, the material of KarTent is being re-purposed to make new products!

Dark and Fresh!

The cardboard material blocks the sunlight, which keeps your tent dark and cool in the morning!

We set it up for you!

If you order a KarTent at your festival, we will set it up there for you! Simply show up and the party can start!

KARtent webshop

Products made of used KarTents!

Upcycled cardboard

Cut directly from used KarTents.

Plastic-free toys!

We only use cardboard. No polluting plastic used! 

Every product is unique!

Because they have festival experience, these products may contain traces of creativity!

Waste solutions

Using used materials.


Convenient and elegant waste solution directly cut from used KarTents.


Reduce your cigarette waste and collect the butts! Did you know that they can be recycled?  

“The KarTent is the perfect example of how a simple idea can have a big impact. Beautiful example of Dutch Design!”

Milan Meyberg

Sustainability Strategist

“At Smukfest we had KarTent for the first time in 2017. Our guests loved it!, and so did we as festival organizers. It’s a lot easier to recycle a cardboard tent than an ordinary tent.”

Jakob Thorup


“Using the KarTent at festivals to avoid a multiple of garbage is an excellent solution from a creative as well as an ecological point of view.”

Jury 2017

Red Dot Award