The ciggytube

A new way to look at your butt(s)!



The Ciggytube is created to reduce the cigarette butt wastes on music festivals. With this smart solution, we can make serious impact!

The ciggytube: caring about your butt(s)


Ciggarette butts are a common problem on music festivals. Many visitors don’t seem to have second thoughts on throwing their cigarette butts on the ground after enjoying a smoke. This confronts festivals with a huge mess. 

This year, KarTent introduces a new way to take care of cigarette butts with the ciggytube. Made from a re-used product from the cardboard industry, the tubes serve as collectors of cigarette butts during the event.

Did you know cigarette butts are made of plastic? This is the reason we can recycle them afterwards!

   Stand-alone solution for events

   Reduces butt waste up to 60%

   Recycle your cigarette butt waste

Reduce the impact of smoking 

Study shows that offering cigarette waste solutions on your event can reduce the waste caused by cigarettes with up to 60%! 

 After the event, the collected butts will be recycled.This is not cost-effective yet, but we think it’s worth the effort for making the next step towards circular event!

The ciggytubes can easily be implemented on the festival grounds on their easy-to-use mounts. They are offered via a rent or sales models, depending on your needs. 

One more important thing to add: KarTent doesn’t want to promote smoking, but thinks that there are better ways to deal with the consequences!