Our Story.

The Cardboard Revolution

How did KarTent start?

Jan & Wout met each other at the Cleantech Challenge, a course at the TU Delft. Jan had made a beach house out of Cardboard for his graduation project. When they stumbled upon a picture of Glastonbury camping after it had finished, the idea of KarTent was born.

Our goals

We strive to make our world a better place by looking at materials in a renewed way. We believe too many products are being created without thinking about the end of life scenario. Our products are designed exactly with this in mind.

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Our Team

Jan Portheine

Co-founder & CEO

Jan Portheine is an entrepreneur in and out. Once trained as an architect, he quickly found his way in building cardboard houses. In his spare time, he likes to play hockey. Jan prefers cappuccinos with a bit of sugar.

Wout Kommer

Co-founder & CCO

Wout Kommer is a creative mind in a somewhat less creative body. Once trained as an industrial designer, the world of cardboard keeps him hooked. In his spare time, he likes to climb (the famous Dutch mountains) or bike. Wout likes his coffee pitch black.

Timo Krenn

Director Global & CFO

Timo is a sharp multi-talent and enthusiastic polyglot. He started at PWC, but the suit felt too tight and cardboard boxes were more his style anyway. In his spare time, he likes to hockey or ski down some slopes (also in the famous Dutch mountains). Timo prefers a good espresso.

Sofie van Eeden

Business Development

Sofie is a passionate marketing-enthousiast with a communications background. She likes to go through the country together with her dog made of copper and regularly ‘breaks the sound barrier’ in her weekends. Being a true coffee addict, she likes double espresso’s, preferably up to 10 on a single day.


Maxime Durand

KarTent France

Maxime is our Frenchie in the office, with a heart for the environment and striving everyday to make this planet just a little bit better. He likes to smell his food before eating it, prefers cheese smellier than his socks and engages in strange activities such as petanques. Despite this, we simply can’t go without him. He prefers a black tea.

Bart van der Kant

Product Development

Bart is a warm-hearted and creative soul, with a strong passion for creating seemingly impossible cardboard constructions. His southern temperament and habits may sometimes cause confusion amongst his colleagues, but his brilliant cardboard inventions only cause amazement. Who else could be the inventor of the cardboard elephant but Bart?!

Kirsty Peters

KarTent UK

Kirsty is a Marketing Graduate passionate about developing new markets for innovative products in the UK. An enthusiastic festivalgoer and a champion of everything green, Kirsty has thrown herself into becoming the British cardboard queen. Like a true Brit, she prefers tea over coffee.


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