The KarTent for at home, as a sample or for at the camping. You can order it here!
€ 69.95
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KarTent Junior

SOLD OUTbut we have an alternative! See: here! We will send this tent when you order a KarTent Junior!

The KarTent Junior is the smaller version of the KarTent for home! You can draw, color and paint on it. Easy to build and easy to pack again!
€ 49.95
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Mini KarTent

An original gift? Something cool for on your desk or make your own mini camping? Then maybe this miniature model of the KarTent is something for you!
€ 5.95

Experimental Shop (Products made from old KarTents)

Do you have a good idea of what we could make from an old KarTent? Let us know!

KarTent Stool

Easy to take with you and nice to sit on, a cardboard stool made from an old KarTent!
€ 6.95