Psychedelic Circus

31 May 2018

KarTent (Psychedelic Circus)

The one and only KarTent, set up and ready when you arrive!
€ 49.95

Air matress 2p (Psychedelic circus)

Revolutionists need a good sleep. Enjoy this comfortable airbed!
€ 14.95

Sleeping bag (Psychedelic circus)

A comfortable sleeping bag for you to enjoy!
€ 19.95
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Psychedelic stuff, baby!

The KarTent is back at Psychedelic Circus and here to stay! Do you want to do something sustainable, instead of leaving your waste behind on the festival camp site? Or did you cancel your gym contract and are you not able anymore to carry your tent, sleeping bag or your other stuff? This year you can sleep in the recyclable, waterproof KarTent! It’s set up and ready for you when you arrive at the campsite!  If you’re a really lazy bastard you can also order sleeping bags and air mattresses! We got you covered, you won’t have to worry about anything!

More features of the KarTent? It stays dark and cool inside in the early morning! Good to sleep in when hungover! Off course you can also pimp your tent to your desire! After the festival we’ll bring it to the recycling anyway! Good for you, and good for the environment! Oh and by the way, off course the tent is rain-resistant!