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KarTent Junior

A new family member for KarTent! At KarTent, we often got the question if we could make a KarTent for kids. And so, we did! This KarTent is foldable, easily transportable and perfect for at home!

Design your own tent!

Make your tent unique by drawing , painting and stickering it. Because what is more fun than designing your own tent?

4 times more fun!

Did you know you can decorate your tent 4 times?! When you have colored the roof you can turn it around and start again! And because the bottom is the same as the roof you can also switch these!

Camping in the backyard!

Camping a night in the backyard with some friends? That is possible!

Do check the weather, the KarTent Junior is less waterresistant than the normal KarTent. So no camping during storms!

The coolest cardboard playhouse

Our KarTent Junior is slightly smaller than its big brother, the KarTent. The KarTent Junior is big enough for your kids to have their own cardboard playing house!!

The KarTent Junior fits in the living room (or garden in sunny weather). Despite being smaller than it bigger brother the KarTent Junior is quite spacious giving room to 14 kids!!